August 27, 2005


There are relatively few Nations that can defend well in T&P. Now, there's a difference between defending, and defending and winning. The Maya can defend, but can't defend well and still win. My choices of defensive Nations are:
  1. Koreans- Perhaps the best Defensive Nation. They have cheaper Towers, get free Milita upgrades, get free Citizens for each new City built, plus they repair 50% faster. Because they get free Citizens, they are able to jump start their economy, and the best asset to have for a defensive Nation is to have a good economy.
  2. Dutch- Perhaps the best anti-raiding Nation. The only units that can take down their Merchants are HI, HC, and FA (from a distance advantage). Their economy also gets a jump start, and with cheaper COM research, they can readily boom and have an army to defend with the resources they accumulate.
  3. Iroquois- Once they get to Medieval Age, I would say they have a good chance at defending most attacks. Their units heal in friendly territory while not being garrisoned, they get free upgraded scouts with a large Line-of-Sight that are hidden when not moving, and units not moving in their territory are also hidden. This means they can see what you're up to, move their army to trap an attacker, while booming to get to the Enlightnment Age where they can start an attack.
  4. Chinese- Not that great at booming and not that great defensively, but their Large City bonus prevents Ancient and Classical HI rushes from being effective. This means they can safely choose to raid early, expand, or boom.
  5. Russians- Also another Nation that is safe only when reaching Medieval Age. Large Cities are easier to defend against a HI rush, and they get their unique LC which are particularly good at fighting any unit, especially siege units. With an army of LC and a small reserve of garrisoned FA's, they can build a quick Fort that will have Spies to aid in an attack. As long as they can keep up a good economy, they can play this defensive game of killing Despot Generals, Supply Wagons, and Siege until they reach the Industrial Age where they can stop being so defensive.
The biggest thing to note when defending is to not waste resources into building Siege Factories or Siege. The plan is to to conserve resources, defend with the minimal amount of units while using the rest of your resources to keep an age ahead of your opponent and keep your economy stable.

A good example is a game I played against KIWI_Beertender. I've uploaded the game at RoN Heaven, and you can find it here.

I am the Dutch and Beertender is the Mongols on the Great Sahara map. The best anti-raiding Nation against the best raiding Nation on a raid-prone map (no rivers or clumps of forests). You'll see with Beertender's expert micromanagement, he's still able to pick off some of my Citizens and Merchants. However, he doesn't do that much damage with my economy having such a good jump start, plus I have a small defensive army that tries to win as many small battles as possible... such as taking out a defenseless Catapult.

The first Defense situation is defending the raid. With the Dutch, 2 armed Caravans (from a risky 3 City start) and Merchants can defend well against HA raids. Therefore I build 1 Tower at my most vulnerable Timber area first and upgrade Militia as soon as possible. Next, the most important thing to do next is defend against a rush. You can't defend a rush with a Stables... you need a Barracks. So, I build a Barracks at my early 3rd City and build 2 FA's upgraded, and a HI along with my Despot General. Note that I am able to take down a straggling HC with 2 Militia and 2 FA's and my Despot General without losing a single unit.

After the initial raid defense, I can safely start trying to cap my economy to +150 while trying to get my Knowledge accumulated and into Medieval Age. I build two more Towers, both at areas that can't be well protected against raids, and once I get to Medieval Age, I start making LC's, because the best units to defend in Medieval Age with proper micromanagement are upgraded LC's and FA's.

When Beertender reaches Medieval Age, you can easily see he has a superior army. However, he can't take a Large City with the forces that I have without Siege. He makes a careless mistake and I slow down his assault on my 3rd City by taking out a defenseless Catapult. Before he thinks twice about making any more siege, I'm already in Gunpowder Age and he knows he can't take it while still in Medieval Age.

I use my raiding in Gunpowder Age as a distraction while I build a Fort behind my 3rd City and build my 4th City. The worst thing that can happen when being defensive is losing a newly built City. In order for the 4th City to be built quickly into a Large City, I bring over my Democratic General which speeds up building production, and I also research my Construction upgrade at the Lumbermill.

Beertender again has Siege, this time Bombards to attack my 3rd City, but I make it up to Enlightenment Age to discourage him. He pulls away from the attack, and I figure he's trying to get to my Capital, so I take what forces I have and try to intercept him. My only real danger lies in losing my Capital at this point, since it is relatively undefended. However, once I see that he is heading to my Capital, I quickly research Minutemen at a Tower just in case whatever forces I have isn't enough to stop him.

Again, he loses his Siege by not having them protected. Note that I do not build a Siege Factory once in this game. Also, I am always one Age ahead of him. This prevents him from an all-out frontal battle, and the only real option he has is getting my Capital.

He is able to sneak past with an army while I go raiding with mine, but I know well enough that I can send reinforcements to my Capital as long as I can find a way to stall him a bit. Therefore I have an Airbase built near my Capital with Biplanes taking out his Siege. It slows him down just enough until my reinforcements arrive and I am able to stave off the attack. My economy is just so much ahead at that point that I can easily make it up to Information Age and protect my Cities before he can get to the Modern Age.

The key to playing Defensive and winning is:
  • Not to lose resources. Protect your WoodCutter's Camps and Mines with Towers. Upgrade the Militia and Minutemen research at the Towers when available.
  • Have a small army to protect against Small Army raiding, HI rushes, and Siege assaults.
  • Keep your economy stable. Don't waste resources in making things you won't use, like Siege Shops and Siege.
  • Stay an Age ahead of your opponent. This prevents them from a frontal assault on your closest City.
  • Keep a lookout for a sneak attack on your Capital, that is the most vulnerable City in a strong frontal defense.
  • Keep your opponent distracted when building expansion Cities. You can't afford to lose a newly built City.
It takes practice, but playing defensive to win can be easy. It just takes the right decisions with the right Nations.


Blogger KBS_Gladiator said...

I love the ads that Google picks for pages containing RoN

10:24 AM  
Blogger Beertender said...

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2:02 AM  
Blogger El Opositor said...

Well I find this article great, I'm a new player(I bought the game a couple of month ago) and I find Rushing very problematic, so I try to defend as much as possible and outboom my enemy. I like to play wiht Iroquies not been visible in frierndly territory is great I can ambush the enemy every time and that compesate a lot of my strategic failures. Other thing I do with my scout i place them inside a forrest where I think enemy troops are comming, that gives me vital time to prepare a good ambush.

Capitan I like the site a lot...thanks for the classes

8:44 AM  
Blogger [ElitE]_El_Che said...

El Capitan

Your strategies are Legendary. I'm uncertion if your aware of how much your strategies and REC's are appreciated within the community.

With the new season upon us, doesn't the compeition of sport boil in your blood? With your old, respected nemesis's such as Wolf, GiGi, ShadowZ, and Frogman participating in this year's tournamnet, has it not awoken the hibernating competitive spirit in you? Oh..there's also money on the line too! My plea is your participation for the benefit of the community.


El Che

2:26 AM  
Blogger Beertender said...

Opositor, scouts see invisible units, that includes iroq units in friendly territory...

11:58 AM  
Blogger [ElitE]_El_Che said...

El Cap,

Also your ability to win games withuot need for seige is also amusing

1:31 PM  
Blogger El_Capitan (a.k.a. Scrubs) said...

Yo Che,

I'm just not into participating in the league thing, and wouldn't want to compete half-heartedly. I also never thought about it that way, winning games without siege being amusing, that is.

5:18 PM  
Blogger OMG_how_I_suck said...

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4:16 AM  
Blogger PeNiCiLLinE said...

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9:01 AM  
Blogger PeNiCiLLinE said...

very good article, i am gonna print all of ur articles and read them before sleep hoping i will remember it all and use it successfuly because i don't have so much time to practice them out. GJ anyway :-)

9:02 AM  
Blogger El Opositor said...

Beertender, Oh yeah I fail to mention that I try to use Tower/Outpost combination as much my pockets allow me, I ussualy bulid them first in confictive areas and as my economy expand I build the rest. I don't know if that is good or not? what you think?

9:44 AM  
Blogger [ElitE]_El_Che said...

El Capitan,

I appreciate your response and your stance. As you can imagine I'm dissapointed that you won't be participating in this year's MoR Season, but I am curious if the 1 vs 1 ladder might interest you? I have hope for this, because I've noticed that you've been more active in playing lately. As you noted, my acute senses enable me to activate my "El Capitan radar".

My second hope is if you'd be willing to participate in MoR interview from FSF_Oracle? She's interviewed a few popular players from the game, and I think the site / community would positively benefit hearing from the man who has written so many great strategies. Any thoughts? I'll try to find you online this weekend to see if you'd be willing to participate.


El Che

6:07 AM  
Blogger AU_sims said...

You forgot a piece of tactical advice: use entrench!

Trying to get past 5 entrenched crossbows that have even middling protection is a freaking pain. When your opponent has been sieging your city for 2 minutes and has to get through your entrenchment before taking the city, you're really forcing him to do something he doesn't want to do and buying yourself some very valuable time in the process.

7:59 AM  
Blogger tandyclinton7224 said...

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12:15 AM  
Blogger El_Capitan (a.k.a. Scrubs) said...

Wtf? Nah, I already have a Russian mail-order bride...

8:22 AM  
Blogger El_Capitan (a.k.a. Scrubs) said...

Full of attrition, I tell ye.

8:22 AM  
Blogger [ElitE]_El_Che said...

El Capitan. You are still alive! I'm still on the hunt for your time and contribution. Haven't seen the capitan online for a while.

League started this weekend. A few surprises, but nothing extraodrinary. AS AU and TWC looked strong.

Anyway, back to your contribution, is there any chance maybe, you could do a guest analalisis write-up for a MoR game. If not, an interview? Please feel free to catch me on MSN =

End of Communication

El Che

4:05 AM  

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