August 01, 2005

Turks vs. Bantu (Australian Outback)

Turks is a good Nation. Their strengths are to quickly set up a defensive perimeter and gauge the situation until assaulting a City for capture and assimilation. Cheaper Citizens give them a slight boost in early economy, and they have the most powerful Gunpowder Age Infantry as well as the best Gunpowder Age Siege.
  • Weakness: Wealth. The only limiting factor for the Turks is not having enough Wealth to be able to boom or raid well. Unless it's a fishing map, they must secure 3 Cities and protect their Caravan trading routes.

Bantu is also a good Nation. Their strengths are to expand towards their enemy with the extra City and raid in Classical Age with the help of a few Barracks units because of their infantry speed. They get an extra Caravan with 3 Cities and COM 1, so remember to use this to your advantage.
  • Weakness: Over-expanding. Against another Nation that's great at raiding or rushing, you don't want to over-extend your Cities and give them an easy target to raid Caravans or take a free 3rd City.

The showcase game for this article is where I play SR_Clovis_SL on the Australian Outback. Watch the game here.

It's a fishing map, and we both do a SCI 1, COM 1 build order in order to get early access to fishing. My 2nd Woodcutter's camp is ideal, but I really need to protect it, so I work my way up to researching CIV 1 and build my 2nd City there. When I finish, I feel the borders pushing and realize my opponent over-extended. I research MIL 1 and quickly build a Barracks and 2 FA, knowing he'll try to encroach into my territory. I get them out just in time to kill some Citizens building a Tower.

Because my Turk weakness was negated due to the Wealth from Fishing, I am easily able to switch from being defensive to being aggressive. Raiding Fishing early is always a good idea, and on Australian Outback, you have to do it with Light Ships (if you do it with a Heavy Ship, by the time it gets there to kill a Fishing boat, a Fire Ship is there to blow it up to bits). I send two Light Ships over and kill his Fishing, and in retaliation, see that he builds ships of his own. By then, it's too late, the damage has already been done.

He's soon able to recover from my early harassment and I make a near fatal mistake by assaulting his over-extended 3rd City too early with Slingers that was supposed to be ready to be upgraded to Janissaries once I hit Gunpowder Age. I make a retreat, but at a great cost.

However, once I reached Gunpowder Age before him, I knew I had enough forces to takes his over-extended 3rd City, but I needed to do it soon before he reached Gunpowder Age and upgraded his units. Once the City's taken, the game's pretty much over.

I exploited the Bantu weakness with the perfect Nation and Map. Now if I was the Bantu going against the Turks, I would definitely not have over-extended my 3rd City. I most likely would have stayed back to see where he would build his 3rd City, and raided him until I could set up a good attack during Medieval Age. It's difficult to pull a win with the Bantu against the Turks on an Australian Outback map, and this game shows why.


Blogger _AFO_RaNk said...

I've had a tough time fighting Russians on this map. It's such a small map on arena in 1v1 that it's hard for me to stop the Russians from getting a territory vic (vs Sims, the game ended with a total of 9 kills, with me being unable to push a third city or even a fort to stop the timer). I did ancient raid but realized that was a mistake once I saw he was Russian. The only thing I can think of is to scout towards enemy on that map first, and if Russian, go for a hard and fast classic attack. Any other thoughts on this besides disabling territory vic?


9:34 AM  
Blogger El_Capitan (a.k.a. Scrubs) said...

Against the Russians, don't worry about raiding, your economy should outmatch the Russians and you should be able to take one of their outer cities. Just protect yourself against his raiding, because he won't have enough resources to do more than that if he's expanding territory.

11:07 AM  
Blogger AU_sims said...

Well Russians a freakin pain on outback if you get dye or gems. You can easily start the timer in classic or at latest once you hit medieval. Even vs. good players. I have a game where I had Russians/Dye vs. Insert's French and he got pushed so hard (4 cities in classic, I had dye) that he had only 1 metal spot. Even with french, it's kinda hard to reduce a city without metal.

8:57 PM  
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