October 16, 2005

2v2 Switch

As 2v2's go, they're fairly simple, and my previous analysis about them are mentioned in my Team Concepts article.

A good practice towards team playing, however, is practicing the Switch. All it means is each teammate bringing over a Citizen to build military buildings and attack each other's opponent. There are a few reasons why this is an advantage:
  1. One of the opponents will think they are getting doubled. In actually, that is not the case. If they relay to their teammate that they may, or are, getting doubled, this forces their teammate to attack, thinking their opponent is defenseless... so rarely will anyone boom.
  2. If done correctly, with one switch player Ancient Age rushing and the other player Classical Age raiding, it protects both players from being raided, most particularly the player that is raiding.

The showcase game for this article is where WH_LordAOF and I play yae and ROSA_Kashmir on Old World. Watch the game here.

When watching the game, note that my slow Roman Ancient Age rush fails against the Persians. It was too slow to work anyway, but this forced WH_LordAOF's opponent from not being able to raid him. FA's to stop a rush = not enough resources for HA's to raid.

This means WH_LordAOF can keep raiding my opponent without any risk of being raided or attacked by his opponent, and if my opponent raided him, it would take a much longer time to get to him to do as much damage as LordAOF could. An option which we did not do in the game was to double either player. We could have easily helped each other out, but with our economy never getting hurt, it didn't matter too much.


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