November 02, 2005

Civilization Basics

Okay, let's get down to business. There are 8 Civilizations, and to make it easy, I'll classify them into different playing types:
  • Aggressive - Most of the aggressive civs are suited well at attacking right from the get-go in Colonial Age. These civs include the Germans, Ottomans, Russians, and Spanish.
  • Balanced - These civs can be aggressive, but it's best to play them slightly defensively because of their economic advantages. These civs include the British and French.
  • Defensive - The defensive civs don't have an advantage early in the game, so using them requires extreme micro and few mistakes. These civs include the Dutch and Portuguese.

Aggressive - Knowing when to be aggressive, and when not to is key. You can rush all the time in Colonial Age, but rushing always comes with great risk. These civs have no advantage economically, so always keep your enemy on their toes.

1. Germans
: Perhaps the only aggressive civ that can be decent economically because of their Settler Wagons, but they don't get many. They have the quickest rush, but they are utilized best in skirmish fighting and raiding rather than direct confrontation with opposing armies. Win the small battles, that way there won't be any big battles.

2. Ottomans
: They are great at being aggressive, but that's all they are able to do. They don't have the necessary Colonial Age army to be anything but aggressive. However, for flexibility, certain Native Settlements can boost their military diversity. An oversight to their quick Colonial Age attacks is a defenseless home. If they focus too much on defense, they lose their aggressive edge, and the opposing civ will be able to boom much more effectively than the Ottomans can. Stay in big numbers and stay on the fringes of enemy territory. Once the army reaches a sizeable mass, press the attack.

3. Russians: They are the most versatile aggressive civ, but because of having to buy things in bulk, they aren't the most efficient. Being too aggressive can be a detriment, but a defensive-aggressive Russian player can be very intimidating to play against. Avoid skirmish battles and rely on using a mix of cards for shipments to mass units and attack in mass.

4. Spanish: At low levels, they aren't very good, but higher Home City levels and good cards make them the most well rounded next civ to the French. Because their bonus of getting experience quicker, being aggressive is the essential way to use them. Creeping with an army in Colonial Age if your opponent turtles in is a sure way to boost the Spanish's economy. Use a mix of Rodelero's and ranged Natives, with a mix of speed and power, they can hit and run very well while keeping a steady economy.

Balanced - Having an economic boost means you don't have to make the first move. Scout out what your opponent is doing, and be ready to counter. As long as you stay one step ahead, a decisive defensive battle can sway the game into your favor. Protect your villagers first and foremost, then worry about disrupting your opponent's economy later.

5. British: Houses are important to protect, 150 wood isn't easy to come by. One great thing about their military is being able to micro their Longbowmen, and protect them with Musketeers. Since those two units compliment each other, that's all you really need. This means you don't have to gather as much gold to spend on military. Which leaves your villagers gathering wood, which gets you to build more houses, and gets you more villagers to resource... etc.

6. French: By far the most well rounded civ, their only weakness is having to deal with archer/musketeer combo's. Higher levels give them Skirmishers to use in Colonial Age, but Native's can be a quicker solution. Upgrading the villager hit points at the market can protect them from small raiding parties, but don't skimp out on a real defense. Getting to Fortress Age gives them more room to be aggressive, so don't stay too long in Colonial Age, or you'll just be handicapping yourself.

Defensive: Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. That doesn't apply here. In simpler terms, Defense means having Towers, Archers, and Musketeers. It's only a preliminary measure to protect yourself, since the real goal is to get to the Fortress and Industrial Age where your units counter your opponents and frustrate them to no end.

7. Dutch: The most difficult and slowest of the civs, they really aren't cut out to compete with most of the other civs. However, by some chance they are able to get to the Industrial Age, it's most likely they'll be capped at 50 villagers with 5 or 6 banks. Just make a lot of Ruyters and Skirmishers, with a few Mortors to take down buildings.

8. Portuguese: The Portuguese have a few drawbacks military-wise in the Colonial Age, so prepping a good defense and allying with ranged Natives is crucial. Once that's done, focus on going to the Fortress Age and getting a Fort up. Three TC's and a Fort will give you breathing room, and that's all the Portuguese really need.

I will get into civ details later, but as a guide, try to adhere to the civ's basic strengths and find a workaround for their weaknesses.


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