February 19, 2006

3vs3 Boom Psychology

Coming back from a 7 month break to play RoN:T&P, I've decided to show some of my rusty game playing abilities from today's games. I've already posted the 1vs1 with RTS_sonsi_gu, and this one will be regarding a 3vs3 game where I am positioned in the pocket as the Chinese. You can watch the game here.

Team 1:
El_Capitan (Chinese)
AU_tl (British)
GPU_ALPHA (Aztecs)

Team 2:
ElitE_El_Che (Egyptians)
ElitE_CrAsH_TesT_DuMMy (Inca)

The map is Amazon Rainforest, a typical non-fishing land map with a good amount of Rare Resources and a decent amount of Ruins. El_Che and I am positioned in the pocket opposite each other, while tl is matched with NAOTO, and ALPHA is matched up with CrAsH_TesT_DuMMy.

From knowing tl's abilities, and with him being British against NAOTO's Maya, I knew he wouldn't need much help unless he was doubled. With ALPHA being Aztecs and Ancient Age rushing CrAsH_TesT_DuMMy's Inca, I figured it would be enough to slow him down. My decision early on was to boom, due to the map type, my position, and the Nations my teammates had.

The Rare Resources available made my plan easier to accomplish. Now, rather than going into the game details, I'm going to explain why unprotected booming is safe and effective, as far as this game is concerned. It has more to do with Psychology than ability, as this is perhaps my 5th game in over a 7 month period.

Instead of a typical Military boom order with 2/1/1/2, or 3/2/2/3, where the SCI and MIL lines are researched to get to the next Age relatively quickly; I do an Economic boom order with 1/1/2/2, or 2/2/3/3. The thing with the Chinese, I'm not particularly vulnerable to a rush. Plus, as long as I am one to two Ages ahead of my prospective opponent, which was El_Che, attacking me isn't a viable option.

First of all, when someone gets an Age ahead of you, you can't attack them at that point unless you're ready to, and if you're in III while they're in IV... it's likely you won't be able to hold your position of attack and will get pushed back to military superiority. Secondly, if you are 2 Ages ahead, you still have the military advantage without having to have the 2 Age-Up Military... 1 Age-ahead is sufficient.

Therefore, when I reached Enlightenment when El_Che was just reaching Gunpowder, I knew I'd have enough time to create a sufficient force with the economy I had in case he decided to attack. By the time I reached Industrial Age soon after, he would only have enough time to upgrade his army, while I was already on my way to sack his Capital with a small army of Infantry and Commandos.

I wouldn't say it's all about how the opponent's react, but when someone has a two-Age advantage, attacking seems like a suicidal decision, and booming is the next best thing... but by the time they decide to catch up, it's too late.


Blogger tl said...

My take has always been that the pocket has 3 responsibilities:
- protect wings from doubles
- outboom the opposing pocket
- double a wing or attack the other pocket when appropriate

If Che had doubled me in III then it would've forced you to spend militarily & perhaps he wouldn't have been outboomed so bad. I was tailoring my military to defend against naoto & 5-6 extra units from che might've turned the tide. This game though they just got rare h4xed and nation pwned ;). I forget what our rares were but they were uber & nation matchups were all our way (except perhaps a pure booming eggy v. chinese :)).

7:49 PM  
Blogger [ElitE]_El_Che said...

El Capitan,

Omg, this is one list I didn't want to make. Can't believe I've been posterized.

You were right on the money. You are Legend, and Legends have the virtue of psychological warfare at their disposal. Although I tried to have have a great econ, I was worried about a surprise attack from you, so I didn't have the confidence to boom wihthout an army. I doubled up a bit on TL's side, but was weary I would wake up the beast that was you, out of hibernation. Then you were 2 ages up and I was afraid to attack you as I feared getting trampled on.

It was a learning lesson. Look forward to our next battle as I won't be so gun shy.

End of Communication


3:42 AM  
Blogger Salvador said...

You got it right el cap. The thing in booming an age ahead has an psichological efect perhaps more important than the real dammage that an mass atack could produce, even if we were an age behind... i think the lesson here is if u make an army u got to use to make your enemy suffer somehow, or make an equivalent army...

and i could have use some help with the aztec rush :(, specially when you are a noob like me that went to classical without military reasearch :(

SaL / Crash Test Dummy

9:41 AM  
Blogger OMG_how_I_suck said...

A very entertaining game. It was remarked earlier by El_Che that El_Capitan can win a game without siege. Now he showed that he doesn't need cavalry either. :-)

11:39 AM  
Blogger KIWI_KiLLaHerTz said...

don't really agree... it depends on ur opponent's level tbh. eg the georgie/ 4stars vs bird/ wolf. bird uses dutch to have an insane III time (without army), but georgie doesn't back down and get's bird's 3d city.

12:36 AM  
Blogger WH_Georgie said...

I think KH and el_che have it: when someone is an age up, and of roughly equal skill, they must be lacking military, and so you should hit them immediately. That is to say, if you were playing someone of equal skill, hitting enlightenment when they were just hitting gunpowder would 90% of the time have you 10-12 military units down (unless you had been winning military conflicts, but this was a pure boom situation), a situation that requires a lot of time to equalize, even with age-up bonus.

Although, there is an alternative in 3v3: instead of fighting the age-up opponent, double up on one of the others. Age-up after a boom means small military, which is fine in a defensive garrison game situation, but useless with long production/supply lines.

Two ages-up shouldn't ever come up unless the match has been lost... If it does, the person two ages down should boom and raid remote rares/oil/small cities, in order to distract for a teammate who hopefully isn't so far behind.

8:37 PM  
Blogger Pete said...

El_Capitan, where are ya?

Rise of Legends is less than a month away now! Have you tried the demo at all?

8:57 AM  
Blogger Empiremaster said...

~and we all remember that he never need infantry at all right...

Just looking at the game, you had two thing going for u...1) you were unrushable as china 2) you were el_cap.

By that I mean that Che might have been expecting and early classical or medival attack (u invented the despot rush, and chinese own medival) and so spent resources defending it. But CHe did not have enough of an army (he was going for a defensive boom) to attack you once he figured out you had no military. Basically, a striaght boom beats a defensive army turtle boom, anytime. WHen you are age up, its like attritation, eveyones scared to attack you.

5:31 AM  
Blogger [ElitE]_El_Che said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5:18 AM  
Blogger [ElitE]_El_Che said...

El Cap

Cut the shit already.....come back to us and hang out? Make a guest star appearance on RoN. It will be like a celebrity show "Where are they now?" You could be like Jason Prestley from 90210 or Willus from Different Strokes.

What are your thoughts on RoL?

Make an update......biiiiatch!

El Che

5:20 AM  
Blogger Pete said...

I'm with El Che... where are ya, El_Cap?

4:48 AM  
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Blogger Kanishka said...

Che was an inter!! Return to ROn for few days!! many pros have come up!! ;)

6:41 PM  

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